Northwest Bobcat and Canadian Lynx kittens are $1,750 each.  We require a $450 non-refundable deposit to be on the waiting list for our spring arrivals.  There is also a shipping cost and a refundable carrier cost (if applicable).

Kittens must be paid for in full before delivery can be made.

Below is a breakdown of how a typical year goes here at BB&L. This should give you a pretty good idea of when to reserve a kitten and when to expect delivery.
February - March Breeding Season Begins.
Mid-April - Mid-June First litters arrive.
June - September Placing, shipping, and taking orders for kittens. After June 1st we can sell any kittens not already reserved.
Late June -
Late September
Rebreeds and late litters arrive.
January - December Taking $450 deposits to reserve this year's late litters and next year's kittens.

Contact us at
Or send snail-mail to:
Bitterroot Bobcat and Lynx
3615 Hwy 93 North
Stevensville, MT 59870