Bobcats and Lynxes bond very strongly to domestic cats and dogs.
Q: How can you tell the difference between Bobcats and Lynx?

A: Well, the Lynx is long and lanky with large "snowshoe" paws. He has very light spots - hardly noticeable. He lives at high altitudes and is rarely seen by man. The Bobcat, on the other hand, is more recognizable as a cat. Ears are tufted, like the lynx, but he's quite spotted on the back and belly. He ranges in color from honey orange to smoky blue and his belly is white. This really makes the spots stand out. Both Bobcat and Lynx have beards and in temperament both are pretty laid back and quite loving when raised with humans.

Q: Are Bobcats and Lynx legal where I live? Do I need a permit?

A: The laws vary from state to state regarding exotic animals. You should contact your state's authorities and request any written rules and regulations governing ownership of exotic pets. Often these rules are vague or even non-existent. You should also try to contact others in your state who own exotics and ask for any information they might have to help you.

Q: Do you still have kittens available?

A: Check the Pricing and Availability page for more information.

Q: Do they get along with other animals?

A: Our cats are raised around domestic cats and dogs and get along great. It sometimes takes a period of adjustment. Most of the time the established pet is a little resentful but these guys are pretty persistent and love being around other animals.

Q: What should I do if I want to reserve a kitten?

A: Please let us know early if you want to be on the waiting list and we can reserve one for you with a deposit ($200) otherwise its first come first served.

Q: What and how much do these cats eat?

A: They eat a fresh meat diet (poultry can be substituted on occasion) mixed with calcium and adjustable to the tastes of your pet. We include a copy of our diet with your pet. There are canned 'exotic' catfoods and you can use these but you must add extra calcium and fat to meet the needs of these cats. Adult cats eat approximately a pound of meat per day.
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